Who Loves Playing Bingo? These Celebrities Obviously Do!

Who Loves Playing Bingo? These Celebrities Obviously Do!

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If you think the five-hundred-year-old game of bingo is only for those who are trying to find entertainment during their pensioner’s life, then you’re dead wrong. As a matter of fact, there are some very interesting people who play this game on a regular basis, and you might be surprised whom you meet in a bingo hall or in one of the bingo rooms online. It’s the world’s most popular game, and there are some good reasons why people from all walks of life indulge in this favourite pastime. Have you ever wondered who loves to play Bingo? These celebrities obviously do!

Kate Moss

She may have married the famous guitarist Jamie Hince (The Kills), but that doesn’t mean she goes out in the weekends to do her rock and roll events – as a matter of fact, she’s known to stay in on Saturday nights just to play bingo with her kids.

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger might be more famous for his band and his songs than for his games of bingo, but the fact is that he has been known to throw great parties – and they’re not the kind of parties that you might immediately suspect. They’re the kind of parties where it’s all about bingo.

Christiano Ronaldo

It’s not just the people in the movie business that enjoy the game. Real Madrid striker Christiano Ronaldo is, in fact, a self-confessed bingo addict. He can’t get enough of the game. He actually started whilst watching a film on how to play to improve his English. He got hooked and does it all the time.


Back to rock? Sure, why not. The lead singer of U2 understands the great attraction to the game just like all the rest of us – he had a stake in a café called Mr Pussey’s, which doubled as a bingo hall.

Sharon Osbourne

This lovely lady is not just a fanatic – she actually has her own website: Sharon Osbourne Bingo.

Courtney Cox

When this “Friends” star hangs out with other celebrities like Paris Hilton or Rickki Lake, she plays (you guessed it) celebrity bingo!

And by the way, these are just some of the famous people that regularly indulge in the classic game – there are many more. Would you be surprised if you found out that the Queen (and her grandson as well) often play this popular game? So does Catherine Zeta-Jones, by the way. And Russell Crowe. And we haven’t even mentioned Robbie Williams, Denise van Outen, and a whole host of other big personalities. You shouldn’t be surprised, actually – it’s a great game, after all. So continue playing, and don’t forget to shout out your favorite word Bingo! (even if confronted with a celebrity).

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