Top Five Tips for Blackjack Success

Top Five Tips for Blackjack Success

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Blackjack provides endless casino excitement for players who are well-versed in the rules of the game. All successful players adhere to the following rules and newcomers are sure to enjoy the gaming experience if they become well versed in them as well.

Know the Limits

Many new players are unfamiliar with the limits at the blackjack table. In order to make maximize the chances of winning, it is best to:

  • Play on a standard blackjack table
  • Be aware of the minimum and maximum bet limits of the table
  • Be prepared to double down and split
  • Read the flow of the table and consider such options as surrender

Find a Friendly Dealer

Dealers know the tables better than anyone and they can make or break a player’s experience. A good dealer is friendly, doesn’t talk down to players, and puts her experience at the player’s disposal in return for tips. Don’t hesitate to change tables if you’re not satisfied with the dealer.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Many casinos offer free drinks to players, and there’s no reason not to accept. But casinos also know that drunk, or even mildly intoxicated players have a harder time concentrating and playing their best, which increases the house’s advantage.

Don’t Take your Frustration Out on Your Bankroll

It’s a very bad idea to play blackjack when you’re anxious or in a bad mood. You’ll do your best when you’re thinking clearly and not distracted by disturbing emotions. This also requires that you be rational about your bankroll. Bet no more than one quarter of your bankroll on any game, no matter how well you’re doing. If you’re not doing well, simply move on to another table.

Learn Basic Strategy

In 1961, Dr. Edward O.Thorpe wrote the classic blackjack book, “Beat the Dealer”. He used a primitive computer to mathematically determine the optimal blackjack moves. The book also describes the basic rules, strategies, and includes tips about what and when to bet. The wise player should learn and use the basic principles set out in Thorpe’s book as it will significantly improve their chance to win against the house. One interesting strategy he outlines in the book is the ability to get paid 3/2 when flipping over a blackjack.

Following these basic tips will get you off to a good start in the exciting world of blackjack!

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