How to Play Blackjack

How to Play Blackjack

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The game of Blackjack is also called twenty-one by some players. No matter what it is called, the objective of the game was described best in American author Edward O Thorp’s bestseller book that began the blackjack revolution. The main purpose of the game is to overpower the Dealer! In unary and binary deck games, the dealer possesses the cards and allots them out. You can even play 21 from your iPhone or iPad which is great for a diehard gambler.


The main intent of this game is beating the dealer. If the player’s total of the cards is more than the dealer’s cards and without exceeding 21, the player wins.

Card Values

The cards ranging between 2 & 10 are counted at face value. The face cards always have 10 as their value while an ace may count as one or eleven. A queen with a five is equal 15. Any hand without an ace is called a Hard Hand because it has only one value. A hand that does not contain an ace is known as a Soft Hand.

Blackjack Table

The game of Blackjack has a special table which is semi-circle in shape having a separate square or circle for every individual. After all the bets are done, the game begins.


If the player or the dealer has dealt a 10 and an Ace, he has 21 known as blackjack.

If any player as well as the dealer has blackjack, it is called a push. If the dealer alone has blackjack, all other players lose.


Hitting means that someone wants to draw an additional card. The player needs to tap the table or make a waving motion with the hand in order to give a signal to the dealer for a hit.


Once the player is satisfied with either hitting or his first two cards, he must signal the dealer that he wishes to stand by beckoning his hand over the top of the cards.

Doubling Down

In double down the players are allowed to double their bets, after receiving the first two cards. Then they receive only one card only on their hands. Most casinos allow doubling down on any two cards.


If an individual is dealt with a pair (two different cards having the same rank) he can split them into two hands. An additional bet equal to the starting bet must be made.


If the up card of the dealer is an ace, the dealer offers insurance. The player is not insuring a hand. It is a side bet the player makes wagering half the original bet when the dealer has a 10 inside the hole. When any player makes a bet and the dealer has ten, then the player is paid 2 to one. In this case, the player loses his original bet but wins the insurance bet.


Some casinos allow the player to surrender his hand and to give up half the bet on the two initial cards, after the dealer scans for a blackjack known as late surrender. This is not offered in many casinos. The player gains when played correctly.

A Simple Strategy

It is important to make an effort and learn the basic strategy:

If the first cards sum is 12-16, the player has a “Stiff” hand. If the up card of the dealer is between a 2 & 6, the dealer has a “Stiff” hand.

If the player has 17 or better, he has a Pat hand and stands. If a 7 –Ace is shown by the dealer, it is considered a pat hand.

  If both the player as well as the dealer is having a stiff, the player stands. If the player has a stiff while the dealer possesses a pat hand, the player hits.