4 Clever Things That Casinos Do To Keep You Playing

4 Clever Things That Casinos Do To Keep You Playing

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Casinos know that they are likely to earn more money the longer you stay and play. Of course they want their customers to win every once in awhile to maintain their interest in the games, but overall the advantage is always with the house. In addition to the hope of a jackpot, here are some other strategies that casinos employ to keep people spending their money.

  1.      Pole dances and striptease acts. Let’s face it: it’s not easy to ignore a sexy display of skin. Casinos often time strip performances to coincide with the hours of the day when the action at the tables is slow. Visitors are given the impression that these shows are just part of the whole casino package. In fact, the “free” entertainment is designed to keep you in the establishment so that you will start or go back to playing once the show is over.
  1.      Complimentary dinner and drinks. Many casinos offer free or reduced-price drinks and meals to make the customers feel welcome. Players believe that they are receiving special treatment, and they are less concerned about losing $200 after a “free” $20 dinner. These complimentary offers are less about customer service and more about convincing people to gamble more than they would otherwise.
  1.      Bonus rounds. Some casino games keep customers coming back by offering free hands or spins or announcing a big jackpot after a certain number of rounds. The players feel compelled to stick with a game in order to reap these rewards, and then they end up losing even more money.
  1.      Good rounds inserted among the bad ones. If you start winning at slots and just after just a couple of losing rounds, it may not simply be that luck is on your side. The explanation could instead be that the machine is programmed to retain your interest by allowing you to win every now and then—but never enough to offset your losses.

The take-home lesson is not to get carried away with the games offered by casinos. Come to play for fun, and without the expectation that you will end up with more money than you started with.


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